For the past 5 years, I have focused my photographic work on social and cultural history and the profound impact it has had on not only our culture today but also our memories. Crucial to the work is the development of meaningful interactions with custodians of archival materials, families and online communities. 


My work uses archives that have been donated or found to tell stories that often focus on the trappings of power and the resulting restrictions. I aim to give voices to those that were left unheard. Taking a critical view on social, political and cultural issues, I focus on aspects of personal, feminist and marginalised histories that have simply been forgotten.  With every story, I explore I take the time to research different versions of events and my responses and interpretations seek to highlight and give new life to the memories of the victims and the people that have been ignored. 


I use a wide variety of materials and processes within my creations, although between projects you may not see material similarities between them there is also recurring formal concerns between the issues I explore. 

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