We are witnessing history in the making the next few months will be filled with people attempted to record an archive for the future, I will be one of those people. 

My best friend is a nurse who is currently on the front line feeling the effects greatly of the lack of PPE gear due to the public panic buying it all.

There simply isn’t enough for the lack of front-line workers already, meaning that less and less of our keyworkers are unable to work and help the people that truly need everything available right now.


My project is focusing on that exactly, people are bulk buying PPE gear but not knowing how to use it correctly so it becomes a waste. You may be covering your face and hands but without using it correctly your whole body is still exposing and naked to the effects of COVID-19.


I am producing self-portraits demonstrating the lack of awareness on this subject. I hope they aren’t too risky for you and I hope the extreme story of this reaches the correct audience.