A sneak preview into my new project of Doorways

The Interview

Beginning to experiment with my archival text...


I was given the most amazing opportunity to speak at a fantastic talk called Old Frame New Picture talking about important issues around ageism. My particular focus being around ageing, representation and media in regards to my own work and the work I have been doing with Castlefield Gallery. This is an extremely important issue which will be ongoing until change happens. If this is an issue you explore or are interested in and would like to take part in the revolution please do and share your

Door Ways

Once a entrance to the world now our stopping point.


Check out my new project in Gallery!

All aboard!

I am starting to miss the freedom of going abroad.

Mask for Life

Working on a brand new collaboration. Keep in touch and look out for some exciting stuff!


Sometimes it's the soft images that are the most calming. We all need a pretty picture once in a while.

Let me in.

On the beach there was a cove. In the cove there was a shed. In the shed there was a man. The man did not let me in.

Shooting this on a 35mm in almost complete darkness was hard I have to admit!