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Thank you, can I come again?

Today I began to gather and finalise images for my second to last university project.

Slowly piecing together my first portfolio, I am yet to know how I want to present my work to others, something I will surely keep you updated on.

As previously mentioned, ethics are an inspiration behind the work that I produce. Within this body of work, I will head through my archives and recreate work to capture the unique beauty and the history of independent traders.

My main focus is the people. In an age where it's becoming increasingly difficult to survive as an independent trader with the corporate giants such as Tesco, Asda etc towering over; I'm creating work to shift the spotlight onto the little traders with big personalities.

I myself, am guilty of overlooking what could be considered the beating heart of a community. Which living in the city, it's easy to do but the focus seems to be on the big brands around us rather than the individuality in which Manchester is about. This city is known for its industrial and multicultural history but that acknowledgment is slowly being forgotten

I met some beautiful spirits today and widening my community knowledge, making friends as well as business partners. Im eager to carry on with this project with these amazing people.

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