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Keep Networking.

As an artist networking is key. Not only to progress but also to critic each other and basically stay sane. No matter how far you are in your career a critic is always helpful as I have found it keeps you on the right track. I don’t know about you but I tend to go down many different allies within my work. You might be sitting there thinking this is what we are meant to do, however I struggle to pull myself back to the original point.

The above image is from one of the talks I had with artists from all across the country, although we talked some about our work it was mainly to check up that everyone is okay mainly. I am grateful to be a part of the Castlefield Associates group for this reason, it is such a kind and beautiful community in which I cannot express enough.

Anyone else discovered Zoom for the first time during all of this? Its amazing! It’s a lot easier than before I have to admit. My work isn’t my main source of income so getting to time off work to addend talks and exhibitions is defiantly hard and costly at times. So, in that sense it is much more time efficient however I do miss going for a coffee or a drink at the local pub after a show. I am very lucky to have these opportunities to carry on networking during this time, but it doesn’t stop me missing human contact.

I have found a lot of artists are feeling this way but all I have to say is we have to remember we aren’t in a bad situation here and it isn’t forever. Keep creating and keep supporting each other. But most importantly remember all the lessons you are learning now, about communication love and compassion. As this is what will shape our future and our art.

Thanks for reading!


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