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Self Portraits

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Beginning my first self portrait project. Follow me within this journey to begin learning more about myself as well as my art.

Follow me through this project to learn more about me, this will be an emotional project and a long one. But if you have any questions or worries, even if you have experienced some of the same things I have. You know where to contact me.
The Journey

I recently attended a talk on psychoanalytical study which really opened my eyes into the way I produce my work. I have always produced work exploiting others but never myself. Throughout my work I have never been able to pinpoint what makes me so intrigued in the world of ethics, this talk showed me that it could be my own journey that influences my work.

From the beginning.

"When words become unclear, I shall focus on photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence." - Ansel Adams

As a child I went through more emotional disruption then people should go through in a life time. From a young age my dad feel ill; they couldn't figure it out, they didn't know how to help him and stop the suffering I was around 13/14 and I remember the day it all began. My mum physcially took this well and managed it with dignity however mentally I always knew she was more sad then anyone should be and it took its effects fast. After about a year or so of growing up quickly with two younger sisters there wasn't much time for me to be sad, although we had extended family no one came to help. Once that year was over and he was out of the hospital this is when my emotions got the better of me creating bad thoughts and feelings which lead me to needing space.

I found myself walking for hours to dangerous places putting myself in risky positions to make myself numb to attempt to stop feeling. Although these where dangerous places they where my safe ones also.

There is a lot more to my story but I won't overwhelm you all at once. Revisiting my past gives me the opportunity to put that time in my life at bay, it will be a tricky subject yet my best work so far.

Keep up to date by liking my posts and contacting me! The story will go on!

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