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Unfair Criticism

Following on from my last post about open calls and applications for commissions I had a few questions from some of my readers. I had previously made a point around how to accept criticism and how to respond to it in a positive light. I completely disregarded the unfair criticism we face as artists, and a few of you asked me how to go about responding to this type of situation.

The best way I could help to answer this is from my own experiences. As most of you know I am dyslexic and writing, especially posting my writings take a lot of work and courage on my behalf. I do as much as I possibly can, I put it through Grammarly and get others to read over my work as well. But sometimes mistakes fall through the cracks. I recently had an artist completely disregard my work and my current project as I misspelt one word in my statement. Stating how unprofessional it was, yet I would like to point out I received this email at 3 AM…

Anyway, I am not here to slate or name others but I would like to say be careful about what you say to people. Just because you put at the end of an email ‘this isn’t meant to be taken in the wrong way’, doesn’t mean it won’t be taken in the wrong way.

In my opinion, the best way to distinguish between these types of critiques is by reading the whole feedback. Criticism should always be constructive if it’s just a list of insults then that’s unfair, but if its mixed in with positives that’s constructive. This is all my own opinion of course.

The best way to deal with situations like this is to be as professional as possible. Be the bigger person in every situation, construct a formal reply and sign the email as you usually would. For my example, I did this and still after a week I have not gotten a reply. I am in no way saying do not stick up for yourself, but sometimes when people are so low to be so harsh, its best to ignore it.

Hope this has answered some of your questions! Keep them coming in, don’t forget we have a live chat service if emailing isn’t your thing!

Stay safe.

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